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I'm an Electrical Engineer with a passion for Linux administration and application development.

Extensive international leadership and project management experience working on high profile projects in the Oil and Gas industry. Regularly fulfilled sales, line management and technical support functions while leading crews to perform a variety of technical services.

Personal interests include Linux administration, Ansible, Python and shell scripting, information security and general web service development. Java and C++exposure through university courses and personal projects.

Work Experience

Senior Field Engineer - Schlumberger Wireline

August 2014 – March 2016 (1 years 8 months) Angola (Luanda/Cabinda)

Lead engineer overseeing high profile operations in an extremely challenging environment. Primary point of contact for many client leaders and experts. First line of support for local engineers as well as less experienced employees in all business functions.

  • Responsible for over $25mil in revenue generation in 6 years
  • Maintained excellent safety record with zero serious HSE incidents
  • Periodically fulfilled duties of line management, technical consultant and sales engineer
  • Trained local operators, technicians and engineers while improving local practices
  • Designed custom asset management and inventory process for Angolan crews
  • Collaborated with a competing service provider, built and installed custom crossovers to complete unique, dual-company operations with constrained resources

Senior Field Engineer - Schlumberger Wireline

March 2012 – August 2014 (2 years 6 months)Houma, Louisiana

Transfered to Houma Offshore after demonstrating exceptional performance and reliability. Grew from an experienced engineer to a leader in the base counted on for unique and critical offshore operations.

  • Lead Engineer on new well / workover deep water cell serving major clients in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Designed and implemented enhanced procedures for explosive and inventory management
  • Experienced deploying and interpreting casing inspections and cement evaluations in extreme environments
  • Rapidly learned and adapted to new, cutting edge technologies and presented them to clients
  • High pressure, temperature and cable tension experience across SLBs service line
  • Provided client leadership and technical experts with impromptu training on scientific principles and interpretation relating to our offerings

Field Engineer - Schlumberger Wireline

October 2009 – March 2012 (2 years 6 months)New Iberia, Louisiana

Started on a land crew performing operations in TX, LA, MS and AL. Initiated with an intense year long training regimen between Houston, Tulsa and Lafayette. A significant personal and professional growth period as my first post-university occupation.

  • Led crews on deep/hot logging and perforating jobs with wellhead control gear up to 15kpsi
  • Worked with inland water lift boat crews on PNL projects utilizing 10kpsi package
  • Experienced running SLB mechanical thru-tubing bridge plugs with various dump bailer systems
  • Extensive experience running CBL, cement map, ultrasonic, RST PNL, production, thru-tubing, high-temperature flasked, measurement while perforating, deep/hot perforating and logging services.

Electrical Engineering Intern - MillerCoors

May 2008 – August 2008 (4 months)Trenton, Ohio

Based in the Utilities department (responsible for the power, cooling, pumps and control systems) I worked with numerous plant-critical systems. I was also given the opportunity to move around the brewery to assist and learn from engineers in different divisions.

  • Audited the ammonia cooling system and proposed a plan for saving energy by installing variable frequency drives
  • Lead PLC network documentation effort and worked with staff engineers to improve communication rates
  • Assisted staff IS professional with plant-wide IP Telephony phone deployment and system transition

Electrical Engineering Intern - Barco Simulation

January 2007 – May 2007 (5 months)Xenia, Ohio

Second university internship, I worked with a team of very talented engineers who were designing, developing and testing ICs for a touchscreen remote control. My primary responsibility was to assist wherever I could and learn as much as possible.

  • Designed procedure for and performed tests on wireless equipment for use in handheld touch screen device
  • Assisted engineers with daily tasks and meeting preparations

Intranet App. Development / IS - Invotec Engineering

May 2006 – September 2006 (5 months)

My first internship, after my freshman year, was based on self-taught knowledge relating to deploying ASP web applications on internal IIS servers. Aside from working on a tool to aid in user-manual generation I assisted the company with IT functions and general day-to-day tasks.

Education, Skills, Interests, Certifications

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